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"Custom Wealth Solutions Retirement Blueprint: How to Keep Your Money Working When You've Stopped" By Kyle Whipple and Mike Windle

Have you dreamed about what you want to do in retirement? Are you on the right path for retirement? Do you know what you want or need your money to do for you? How will you generate income in retirement? What is your plan to ensure you have a successful retirement? In “Custom Wealth Solutions Retirement Blueprint,” Mike and Kyle answer these questions and give you the foundation of knowledge you need to have the freedom to enjoy your life while showing you how to keep your money working.

In an ever-changing world of tax laws, politics, volatile markets and economic uncertainty, it is vital to have a blueprint to follow and a plan to guide you into your successful retirement. Mike and Kyle wrote “Custom Wealth Solutions Retirement Blueprint” to provide this information so you don’t have to wonder and hope that you will be successful — but instead can KNOW that you are headed toward the retirement of your dreams.

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