We can help you navigate the Medicare maze. Why make these decisions alone?

There’s more than one turn on the path to crafting the right Medicare plan for your retirement future. From medical cost changes to understanding the small-but-mighty differences between the four parts, making Medicare work for you requires more than just signing up.


Let us be your guide.

At Custom Wealth Solutions, our financial professionals are ready to help you navigate the world of Medicare and craft a plan that’s designed to answer some of Medicare’s most pressing questions such as:

Do I need to sign up for Medicare Part A and B if I’m still working?

How could my income affect my monthly Medicare premiums?

How can private insurance help me with the costs of Medicare?

How do I avoid the coverage gap with Medicare Part D prescription drug plans?

Do you currently have Medicare?

If so, how well do you understand it and how confident are you that you have the best program for your situation? Would you rather have someone to sit with and make sure you are getting the best plan for you? Starting for this year’s enrollment period Oct 15- Dec 7 Custom Wealth Solutions will be that resource you are looking for!

We are happy to announce that Donna Cottrell will be focusing on Medicare. Donna is currently working hard to become knowledgeable on all the various options and plans that are available for you. Donna has access to software that can help her find the most comprehensive coverage for you.


Don't currently have Medicare?

When you turn 64 ½ we will automatically be contacting you to set up a time for you to review your options as you turn 65.


What do you need to do to take advantage of this opportunity to improve your coverage and ensure you are on the right plan?

When you get your Policy Coverage Statement in September from your current carrier, simply forward that to Donna at [email protected]. We will schedule a quick 15-minute review for you with Donna so that we can help find you the best option.

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